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Treatment with CyberKnife can mean for many patients a non-invasive option to surgery for the treatment of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors. Include radiation therapy in cancer treatment.

Benefits of treatment through Robotic Radiosurgery​​

It offers effective treatment for cases such as: primary cancers (including lung, liver, prostate, brain, head and neck, pancreas and spinal cord), metastatic cancers (those that have spread to the brain, spine, liver, lung and lymph nodes ), recurrent cancers (areas that have been treated), benign tumors (meningiomas, acoustic neuroma, pituitary adenoma, or others).

  • Without pain.

  • Non-invasive.

  • It does not require anesthesia.

  • Ambulatory, without hospitalization.

  • Exceptional precision that

  • cares for healthy tissue and organs.

  • No recovery time required.

  • Return to normal activity quickly.

  • Fast, sessions from 30 to 90 minutes.

At the Robotic Radiosurgery Center we are committed to providing specialized care to cancer patients through cutting-edge treatments with specialists committed to fighting the disease who provide support alongside the patient and their families.

Cyberknife Treatment

1. Evaluation

A diagnosis is made with a team of specialists.

4. Treatment planning

Our specialists define the best strategy for the particular treatment of each patient

2. Fiduciary Placement

In some cases, fiducial placement is necessary to help identify the location of the tumor.

5. Treatment

from 1 to 5 sessions in which our robotic system delivers radiation for the removal of the tumor(s).

3. Medical Imaging

CT scan, PET/CT or MRI to confirm the size, shape and location of the tumor(s).

6. Recovery

Most patients do not experience any side effects, depending on the treatment their side effects may vary.

Accuray CyberKnife Prostate
Centro de Radiocirugía Robótica
CK - Prostate Radiosurgery Overview

We are the most modern cancer center in Central America

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