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Teatro de operaciones


Surgery plays a fundamental role in cancer research and treatment. Oncological surgery can be performed to remove cancerous tumors as the only treatment or in conjunction with other therapies.

Quality service and excellence

The COC makes available professionals with surgical and nursing experience. The facilities offer the patient and relatives a service of differentiated excellence. In addition, the doctor is provided with a warm and modern environment to perform his surgeries with comfort and rest option.

Laminar flow technology with 99.9% protection for the patient and medical personnel. Whatdecreases the risk of infections.

types of surgery

Cirujanos durante la operación

Minor surgery (local anesthesia)

Surgical treatment with minimally invasive surgeries and under local anesthesia.

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Major surgery (general anesthesia)

Outpatient surgeries or short-stay recovery.

Chequeo de oído

Surgery by specialty

Oncology, orthopedics, plastic and reconstructive, general, maxillofacial urology, otorhinolaryngology and interventional procedures to relieve pain


Patient safety is very important to us. In the short-stay hospitalization service, the patient is hospitalized with constant monitoring, observation, in addition to personalized patient care by the doctor and the nursing team.

The food is prepared with the highest quality standards and ensuring the well-being and diet care of the patient and his companion.

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Quality service and excellence

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