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It is a treatment for cancer that consists of the use of drugs that slow down the growth of tumor cells. Chemotherapy is one of the many ways to treat cancer, it can be used alone or together with surgery and radiation, in consultation with your doctor he will explain which is the best option to combat the disease.

Forms of Treatment

The administration depends on the type of medication, patients often do not feel anything when applying these drugs. Although like any medication it can have side effects, it is important that you tell your doctor.

  • intramuscular

  • Intra Thecal or within the column

  • Subcutaneous: under the skin

  • taken by mouth

  • intravenous

Most common side effects

The cells most likely to be affected are the blood-forming cells in the bone marrow, as well as cells in the mouth, digestive tract, reproductive system, and hair follicles.

Most people fear it because of the sensitivity of experiencing side effects and feeling bad, but there are now very effective medications that counteract these side effects.


  • nausea and vomiting

  • Hair loss

  • Tiredness and fatigue

  • Diarrhea

  • Higher Likelihood: Infections, bruising, or bleeding

  • Anemia: decreased red blood cells

  • Neutropedia: decreased white blood cells

  • Thrombocytopenia: decreased platelets

Hair loss does not always occur depending on the type of chemotherapy, only a slight loss in volume may occur. It always grows back, a week after the end of the therapy, it could change its color or texture. It usually starts after several cycles. The fall can be gradual or in strands.

Patient care during the chemotherapy process

  • Handwashing is the lowest cost procedure to prevent infection

  • Avoid the use of tampons during your menstrual period, in addition to the use of enemas or suppositories

  • Avoid contact with sick people and restrict their visits

  • Avoid constipation with a high-fiber diet or natural laxatives

  • Avoid attending massive sites (churches, stadiums, malls, movie theaters, parks, swimming pools, hot springs and lakes)

  • Try to go out together

  • Do not use dried plants or flowers in the room where you sleep

  • Avoid contact and handling of pets

  • Use sunscreen, lubricant creams, umbrella if necessary to avoid the sun

  • You should not have any type of vaccination without the authorization of your doctor.

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