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My COC Plan

Take control of your health and reduce your risk of cancer.

My COC Plan is a tool that will provide you with a personalized plan to detect a large number of cancer types early. This application is based on national and international guides. Using the guidelines as a basis, through your personal information and personal and family medical history, you will obtain a plan with a series of tailored screening studies; all with the accompaniment of a doctor.

A tailored plan? Yes.

You will obtain a document specifying the tests that must be carried out periodically to take control of your health and thus have control to detect an oncological disease early.

Appointment in face-to-face or virtual mode

Medical advice during the process

Applies to any age or gender

Mi Plan COC

Mi Plan COC

Daniel Cob.jpg

Dr. Vianka Mesen

General Practitioner | My COC Plan

Introductory Price: 

10,000 colones

Appointment duration: 30 minutes maximum.

Face-to-face appointments:

Address: San José, Uruca, Jardines de Autopista. Diagonal to the northeast corner of the Mexico Hospital, Costa Rican Cancer Center.

Virtual Appointments:

Through the Zoom platform.

Introductory price:10,000 colones

Regular price: 20,000 colones

For more information:

phone+506 2296 9638 

WhatsApp.+506 8814 0021

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