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Pathological Laboratory


The Pathology Service is one of the auxiliary diagnostic services whose main activity is the histopathological study of tissue samples taken from patients with the aim of establishing a specific diagnosis or, failing that, contributing to explaining the etiopathogenesis of the disease.

Our service is divided into two areas:

Surgical Pathology

It is responsible for processing and analyzing the biopsies obtained and in most cases, establishing a diagnosis, whether benign or malignant. Immunohistochemistry is an auxiliary diagnostic technique, whose use is currently mandatory in the classification of poorly differentiated neoplasms, as well as in the study of prognostic factors in various malignant tumors, which condition chemotherapy treatment.


It is responsible for the study of cytological samples, the best known is cervico-vaginal cytology; It also includes the analysis of aspiration biopsies and any body fluid (pleural, peritoneal, urine, CSF, expectoration, etc.).

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